The Orleans Parish School Board and the Recovery School District are partnering together to provide students and families with the opportunity to choose a school that suits their interests and needs. The annual New Orleans Public School Enrollment Process offers students the opportunity to easily apply to all participating schools using one application.

What is the Main Round “Early Window”?

All students seeking to apply to a new school, or to apply to attend a New Orleans Public School for the first time, are welcome to apply during the Main Round Early Window. The only students who are required to apply during the Early Window are those students applying to schools with admissions testing requirements.

  • The deadline to participate in the Early Window is December 20, 2013.
  • Some of the schools participating in OneApp this year have academic entrance requirements. If you would like to apply to one of these schools, you must list it on your child’s OneApp and submit your application by December 20.
  • All Main Round applications, including applications to schools with academic entrance requirements, will be processed at the same time. There is no advantage given to students who apply to schools without academic entrance requirements during the Early Window.


What is the Main Round “Standard Window”?

All students seeking to apply to a new school, or to apply to attend school for the first time, are welcome to apply during the Main Round Standard Window. If you completed an application during the Early Window, you do not need to apply again. If you have not yet submitted an application, please participate in the Standard Window.

  • The Main Round Standard Window only includes schools without additional academic entrance requirements. The deadline to participate in selective admissions schools has passed for the 14-15 school year.
  • THERE ARE NO INTENT TO RETURN APPLICATIONS THIS SCHOOL YEAR. If you wish for your child to return to his / her current school, no action is required on your part.


What is the Round 2 Application Window?

Students who missed the Main Round deadline, are new to New Orleans public schools, or who are not satisfied with their Main Round placement, are invited to apply during the Round 2 application window. If you completed an application during either Main Round Window and are satisfied with your placement, you do not need to apply again. If you have not yet submitted an application and are in a transitioning grade or are new to public schools, please participate in the Round 2 window.


What is the Louisiana Scholarship Program?
OneApp is proud to partner with The Louisiana Scholarship Program, which seeks to empower all families with the financial resources to send their child to the school of their choice, whether a public or non-public institution. Over 125 non-public schools currently participate in the program statewide.

To be eligible for a scholarship, students must have a family income of less than 250% of the federal poverty line and must be entering kindergarten or must already be enrolled in a low-performing school with a C, D, F, or T grade. See the 14-15 Main Round: Standard Window application for more information about participating schools and eligibility requirements.


There are three ways to submit an application:


Placement Notification

How will I be contacted about my child’s placement?

A letter will be mailed to the address you list on the application form. If your child is currently enrolled at a participating school, placement information will also be available at your current school.

What should I expect the outcome of the process to be?

The process is aimed to match as many students as possible to one of their top choice schools that they are eligible to attend.  The only reason a student would not be matched to their top choice is if that school is already full.

If a student is not able to be matched to one of the schools ranked on page 4, that student will either be re-assigned to his / her current school (if his / her current school serves the appropriate grade) or asked to participate to in Round 2.

If you are not satisfied with your Main Round school assignment, you may choose to participate in Round 2. Additional details about Round 2 will be included in your notification letter.


Geographic Priority

Students enrolling in elementary and middle schools for the 2014-2015 school year who apply to a different school will receive priority for 50% of the available seats in the schools in their Geographic Area.  This is called the “geographic priority.”

Students enrolling in most high schools will not receive geographic priority. This approach maximizes student choice and allows schools to specialize in particular programs and areas.

To find out which Geographic Area you live in, and which schools are in that Geographic Area, visit: or call (877) 343-4773.


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