OneApp, the annual New Orleans Public School Enrollment Process, offers students the opportunity to easily apply to all participating schools using one application.

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The information below is for K-12 applicants. Early Childhood Education information can be found here.

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Main Round Application Window

How the Process Works

Priority status

There are three ways to submit a K-12 application:

What is the Main Round Application Window?

All students applying attend a New Orleans Public School for the first time, or to transfer schools, should apply during the Main Round.

  • Do not submit an application if you would like your child to remain at his / her current school. If you submit an application and your child receives a placement, your child will lose their current school placement.
  • All Main Round applications will be processed at the same time, including applications to schools with academic entrance requirements. There is no advantage given to students who apply to schools without academic entrance requirements during the Early Window.
  • If you would like to apply to a school with academic entrance requirements, you must submit your application by the Early Window Deadline, which is December 18, 2015. These schools will have a “push pin” icon next to their school profile on the K-12 school list.  THE EARLY WINDOW DEADLINE HAS PASSED.

How does the process work?

Placements are made based on each parent’s ranked list of school choices, the number of seats offered at each school in each grade level, each school’s priorities, and each student’s random lottery number and priority to their selected schools.

  • Applicants are first given a random lottery number. Applicants are then grouped by the priorities of the schools they listed on the application.
  • School priority groups can include things like siblings of students continuing at the school, and/or residence within the school’s geographic zone. Applicants in priority groups will be considered first if there are more applicants than available seats.
  • Applicants in priority groups are placed first, in order of their lottery number. Then, all other applicants are placed by their lottery number, until all seats are full. There are no wait lists.

There is no situation where an applicant is guaranteed placement at a specific school, even if they are in a priority group.

If you already attend a OneApp school, submit an application, and are assigned to one of the schools you list on your application, you will lose your current school placement. It is therefore very important that families only list choices that they prefer more than their current school. In submitting an application, you consent to give up your current school spot if you are placed at one of your choices.

Match Results and Placement Notification

When will I be notified of my child’s placement?
Application results will be available the week of April 4, 2016 at all Family Resource Centers. Applicants who provide an email address will be notified as soon as results are available, and a letter will be mailed to the address you list on the application form on page 7. If your contact information changes between now and when placement results are available, please contact a Family Resource Center to provide up-to-date information. We strongly recommend providing a working email address if possible.

What happens after I receive my placement?
Once you receive your Main Round placement results, you must claim your child’s seat by May 13, 2016. If you are not satisfied with your child’s Main Round placement, you may submit a Round 2 OneApp, available in the Spring of 2016. All families are strongly encouraged to claim their Main Round placement, even if they intend to submit a Round 2 application. Claiming your Main Round placement will not impact your ability to participate in Round 2.

How is priority status determined?

CA_Map_3Geographic priority for most schools is determined by “geographic catchment zones,” a way of splitting up the city by neighborhood. The zones we use to determine placements can be seen in the map above.

There are six (6) zones:
Downtown / Ninth Ward (1), Central City / Garden District (2), Uptown / Carrollton (3), Mid-City / Lakeview (4), New Orleans East / Gentilly (5), and the Westbank / Algiers (6). The majority of K-8 schools offer partial geographic priority, which means that applicants residing in the school’s geographic catchment zone will get priority to half (50%) of available seats. Geographic priority does not apply to the other half of available seats, so that other applicants will have the opportunity to attend schools outside of their zone. There are some schools that grant geographic priority for a higher percentage of their seats, or to certain zip codes rather than to an entire geographic zone. Look at schools’ priority information, published on pages 12-34, for more information. Students enrolling in most high schools will not receive geographic priority. This approach maximizes student choice and allows schools to specialize in particular programs and areas. Families should consider these factors when selecting schools and planning for next school year. To find out which K-12 schools are in your zone, and which zone your neighborhood is in, reference the materials here. You can also find all schools in your geographic area by contacting us: or call (877) 343-4773.


EnrollNOLA seeks to keep siblings in school together whenever possible. Here’s how:

Sibling Priority: If your child applies to a school their sibling currently attends, they will receive sibling priority to that school.
Family Link: If you submit an application for each child listing the same school selections in the same order, the students will be family-linked, and OneApp will attempt to assign the students to the same school or early childhood program if possible.
Please note that Family Link will only apply to students applying to public schools. If you include nonpublic schools on your application, Family Link will not apply. Family Link does not give you priority to the schools you list on your application.

Special Education

The Recovery School District does not consider a student’s disability when assigning students to schools. Students with disabilities and English Language Learners may apply and be matched to any participating school that they are eligible to attend. The Orleans Parish School Board (OPSB) reserves the right to assign a student with disabilities to a school site other than those school choices selected by the parent / legal guardian. The school assignment will take into account parent choice and will be consistent with the parent’s and child’s rights under applicable federal and state law and regulations pertaining to students with disabilities as well as consistent with OPSB’s rights and obligations under those legal mandates. The Louisiana Department of Education does not consider a student’s disability when assigning students to nonpublic schools. Some nonpublic schools may not offer additional educational services for students with disabilities, but all schools must enroll all students awarded scholarships, regardless of disability. Please reference the school information here for more information about special education services offered at participating nonpublic schools. Not all nonpublic schools offer special education services. Please contact the school(s) of your choice before listing them on your child’s application to ensure they are able to meet your child’s needs.

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