2019-2020 Fall Transfer Window

The Fall Transfer takes place between August 26 and September 30. During this period, families of continuing students seeking a transfer must first meet with school administrators to discuss their concerns. Remember, students new to the school do not need to take this step.

When families request a Fall Transfer, school administrators must meet with the parent on a reasonable timeline (within 1-2 business days). If, after discussion of the parent’s concerns, a transfer is still requested, the school must promptly provide a signed Fall Transfer Request Form to the parent. The parent will need this form to complete the transfer at a Family Resource Center, where they must appear within five days of the date on the form to choose from available seats.

Schools must continue to monitor attendance for the child until the transfer is complete. Attendance is required for all students on all school days.

Hardship Transfers will begin October 1. At that point, any request to change schools will require a demonstrated hardship.