Geography in the OneApp

EnrollNOLA understands that, for some families, attending a school close to home is very important. That’s why nearly all elementary and middle schools that participate in OneApp give priority to applicants who live near the school. Students enrolling in most high schools will not receive geographic priority. This approach maximizes student choice and allows schools to specialize in particular programs and areas. Families should consider these factors when selecting schools and planning for next school year.

Beginning in the 2019-2020 OneApp application process, applicants who live within a half-mile radius of a school will receive priority to 25% of open seats; applicants who reside in a school’s “geographic zone,” will also receive priority to 25% of open seats. The remaining 50% of available seats do not grant geographic priority, to help ensure that families who live further away also have the opportunity to attend. The geographic zones can be seen in the map below; half-mile radii are drawn for each school using Google software. Open enrollment schools authorized or directly run by OPSB offer geographic priority. To see whether a particular school offers geographic priority, please go to the school’s profile page. Information on the schools to which an individual applicant receives priority will be available directly in the OneApp application.

Applicants to programs at Edward Hynes Charter School – Lakeview to who live within the 70124 zip code or who live within 1/2 mile of the school should contact the school to verify their geographic priority within 5 business days of the application closure.