Main Round 2020 Gifted Eligibility for Edward Hynes PK3/PK4

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See below for information on how to verify a Gifted IEP for Edward Hynes PK3 and PK4.

Step 1: Complete your OneApp at OneApp.Force.Com

Step 2: Get your residency and child’s age verified at a Family Resource Center (income verification is not required for G/T applicants, applicants with an IEP, or applicants to tuition-based programs)

Step 3: If your child’s evaluation was not completed by OPSB, fill out the Request for Administrative Review form, drop it off or mail it with your child’s completed evaluation** to OPSB Child Search Office:

Bring the following documents to a Head Start Center or Family Resource Center:
– Parent or Guardian’s ID
– Birth Certificate or Certificate of Live Birth
– Two (2) of the following documents are required for proof of residency:
• Current rental lease agreement
• Homestead Exemption in the parent’s name***
• Electricity/gas bill
• Sewage/water bill
• Telephone bill (landline only)
• Cable/internet service bill
• Current official letter from government agency (Department of Social Service, Department of Health & Hospitals, etc.)

Click here for more information about the Family Resource Centers

** Evaluations must be postmarked by the OneApp deadline or received in hand by the Child Search Office by the OneApp
deadline; non-compliant evaluations may not be able to be included in the Main Round lottery. Where possible, OPSB will
work with evaluators to correct errors in evaluations. Families are encouraged to submit evaluations early in the process.
Evaluations can be submitted before the OneApp is complete.

*** CURRENT property tax bill can be used as proof IF the homestead exemption is listed on the tax bill. If the homestead
exemption is NOT listed on the tax bill, you will need to bring a copy of the actual CURRENT homestead exemption. Tax bills
can be printed at