Main Round 2020 High Demand Applications

If you only list high demand schools on your application, your child may not receive a placement in the Main Round.
The next opportunity to apply for public school will be in Round 2 in spring 2020.

Most high demand schools fill their seats during the Main Round. If you only list schools that receive more applicants than there are seats, your child may not receive an assignment.

We recommend you apply to every school choice you would consider for your child, including schools you would consider if we are unable to assign your child to your top choices.

If you need help learning more about your school options, please visit You can also find “Understanding School Demand” in the Resource Library, which shares demand data for each OneApp participating school.

We understand the choices on your application are your top choices for your child. Listing additional choices will not decrease your likelihood of being assigned to one of your top choices. It will give you the greatest chance of being assigned to a preferred school.

How to Add More Choices to Your OneApp

  1. Log onto the OneApp parent portal at
  2. Choose the “edit” button to the right of your child’s name. You do not need to submit a new application.
  3. If your top choices have not changed, do not delete them when you edit your application.
  4. In the school choice section of the application, below your top choices, add schools you would consider if we can’t assign you to one of your top choices. Remember to add schools for all applications on your family profile– each application must be edited separately.
  5. If you have submitted applications for multiple children and you’d like them to go to school together, make sure to update their applications, too. List all school choices in the same order to Family Link your children.

You can update your application as often as needed before the application deadline of January 31, 2020. The final application submitted will be the only one considered during the placement process, so make sure the last OneApp you submit reflects all of your preferences.

*“High demand” schools are defined as schools that filled in Main Round. A list of those schools is below. 

High Demand Schools (Based on Main Round 2019 Data)
Alice Harte Elementary School
Audubon Charter School (ALL PROGRAMS)
Benjamin Franklin Elementary Mathematics and Science School
Bricolage Academy
CA: Abramson Sci Academy
CA: Livingston Academy
Edna Karr High School
Edward Hynes (ALL PROGRAMS)
Eleanor McMain Secondary School
Fannie C. Williams Charter School
Frederick A. Douglass High School (KIPP Renaissance)
International School of Louisiana Dixon St Campus (French)
International School of Louisiana Dixon St Campus (Spanish)
International School of Louisiana Olivier St Campus (Spanish)
Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary Charter School
Morris Jeff Community School
Lycee Francais de la Nouvelle-Orleans (LFNO)
New Orleans Military and Maritime Academy
New Orleans Science and Math Academy (Sci High)
Warren Easton High School