K-12 Seat Availability

Below is the Seat Availability Report for grades K – 12. This availability is based on student enrollment as of the time the report was posted. This report will be updated frequently throughout the day. There is no guarantee that the seat availability indicated in this report will be accurate upon your arrival to Late Enrollment. Please check carefully to make sure you are viewing your child’s correct grade in the report, as availability in one grade does NOT indicate that there is availability in other grades. Click here to learn how to enroll.


Availability indicates that 10 or more seats were available as of the time the report was posted. 

Limited Availability indicates that fewer than 10 seats were available in the stated grade as of the

time the report was posted.

Sibling Unification indicates that the school is unifying siblings in the grade indicated. This means, if a student is already enrolled at a school, their sibling can enroll in that grade, regardless of seat availability. Please note that not all schools/grades opt in to sibling unification. Students must be linked as siblings to qualify for sibling unification.


You can filter by grade, zip code, availability, and sibling unification. Click control (or command for Mac) to select multiple filters. Click the eraser icon to clear all filters.

If you are having difficulty viewing the report below, click here.