St. Benedict the Moor: Scholarship Program

School address information is accurate as of the 2017-2018 school year.   

5010 Piety Drive
New Orleans, LA 70126

Phone: 504-288-2745
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Geographic Area: Gentilly / Lakeview
Geographic Zone: 5

Grades Served This Year: K - 2nd
Grades Served Next Year: K - 2nd
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School Leadership

Principal: Drue Dumas
Board Chair: Not applicable
Charter Organization: Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New Orleans
Authorizer: Louisiana Scholarship Program

Mission Statement / Programmatic Model:
St. Benedict the Moor School is a Catholic faith community comprised of students, parents, faculty, administrators, board members, and supporters. As a professional community, we are dedicated to meeting the needs of students whose skills, resources, and experiences may be discontinuous with the expectations of traditional schools. The school is committed to providing an innovative, alternative educational and social environment, within the context of the Catholic faith, to promote success for its students. To achieve this end, the school community is committed to work within a set of values, beliefs, and attitudes that foster a nurturing climate. A commitment to this environment allows students to participate both individually and collectively, in activities that encourage learning, creativity, and spiritual growth.

School Performance

Most New Orleans public schools are charter schools, public schools governed by non-profit boards. Each board is given a contract to operate their charter school for a number of years. When the contract is up for renewal, the Orleans Parish School Board or Louisiana Department of Education uses school performance to determine if the contract should be renewed. If the school hasn’t demonstrated acceptable performance, it may close at the end of the school year, or be taken over by a new non-profit board. 

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Renewal Year: Not applicable


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Application Process: OneApp
Applications Due: 02/24/2017

St. Benedict the Moor: Scholarship Program

Grade(s) K-2

Eligibility: Eligible Louisiana Residents
Priority: (1) Current NSECD students if applicable, (2) then Siblings, (3) then Current Scholarship students who are in a transitional grade, (4) then Applicants residing in Orleans Parish if applicable, (5) then Applicants attending a D, F, or T school, (6) then Applicants attending a C school, (7) then Applicants seeking to transfer from one Scholarship school to another, (8) then All other applicants

School Features

Highlighted program offerings, transportation details, and other provided services.

Transportation: No
Before Care: No
After Care: Yes
Wheelchair Accessible: No

Features & Programs:
St. Benedict the Moor is a Service Learning School. Service learning is a teaching theory and method that takes classroom education and connects it to real life services that directly benefit the community or environment. Students learn to research and discuss the various needs of the local community; establish partnerships with local community leaders and businesses and develop and implement projects to address the identified needs. Various projects have been conserving the wetlands, feeding the homeless, caring for sheltered animals, recycling and reusing, and communicating with members of the armed forces.

Jumpstart Pathways:
Not Applicable

Team Sports / After School Activities:
Contact School for More Information

Language Support:
English only

Student Support Services:
School Social Worker

Special Education Model:
Speech or Language Impairment