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NOLA Public Schools provides students and families with the opportunity to choose a school that best suits their interests and needs through EnrollNOLA, the centralized enrollment process.

About EnrollNOLA
How Does OneApp Work?
How Does OneApp Consider Geography?
How Does OneApp Consider Siblings?
How Does OneApp Consider Disadvantaged Student Populations?

What We Do

As early as 2007, families began advocating for unified enrollment that would provide fair access to all schools. In 2011, EnrollNOLA was established in response to continued calls for greater accountability and a clear, equitable unified enrollment system. EnrollNOLA, also called NOLA Public Schools Enrollment, manages admissions, readmissions, and transfers for 92% of New Orleans public schools and 84% of its students.

EnrollNOLA also administers OneApp, the unified application process, which offers students the opportunity to easily apply to all participating schools using one application. K – 12 Families may now apply to up to 12 participating schools of their choice, anywhere across the city. The application is open to families who are new to New Orleans, new to public school, or who would like to apply to transfer for the upcoming school year. OneApp has adapted over time to include a diverse portfolio of schools with various programming models, governance structures, and admissions criteria.

EnrollNOLA.org provides detailed information on all publicly-funded Early Childhood Education programs and public K-12 schools so you can make informed, deliberate choices based on what is most important to you and your family. To help narrow down your options, try filtering your school choices by the things that matter to you, such as school performance, neighborhood, and more. You can also “favorite” school profiles to review later. For help getting started, check out our stepbystep guide or FAQs, learn more about OneAppor visit a Family Resource Center.

EnrollNOLA is guided by three principles:


Every student should have fair access to every school, so EnrollNOLA policies apply to all students in the same way.


EnrollNOLA procedures are clearly detailed and publicly available to all schools and families.


Families fill out a single application with all of their school preferences, and receive a single best offer to one of their preferred schools.

How OneApp Works

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How Does OneApp Consider Geography?

EnrollNOLA understands that, for some families, attending a school close to home is very important. That’s why nearly all elementary and middle schools that participate in OneApp give priority to applicants who live near the school. Students enrolling in most high schools will not receive geographic priority. This approach maximizes student choice and allows schools to specialize in particular programs and areas. Families should consider these factors when selecting schools and planning for next school year.

Beginning in the 2019-2020 OneApp application process, applicants who live within a half-mile radius of a school will receive priority to 25% of open seats; applicants who reside in a school’s “geographic zone,” will also receive priority to 25% of open seats. The remaining 50% of available seats do not grant geographic priority, to help ensure that families who live further away also have the opportunity to attend. The geographic zones can be seen in the map below; half-mile radii are drawn for each school using Google software. Open enrollment schools authorized or directly run by OPSB offer geographic priority. To see whether a particular school offers geographic priority, please go to the school’s profile page. Information on the schools to which an individual applicant receives priority will be available directly in the OneApp application.


How Does OneApp Consider Siblings?

EnrollNOLA understands that families often want all of their children to attend the same school together. OneApp honors parents’ ability to choose either to send all of their students to school together, or to choose different schools based on each student’s individual interests and needs, in two important ways:

Sibling Priority

If a student applies to a school that their sibling already attends, the student will receive priority in the lottery. For sibling priority to take effect, the sibling must be scheduled to remain enrolled in the school for the coming school year. This means that the sibling of a graduating senior, for example, will not receive sibling priority to their sibling’s school.  Some schools require sibling verification, if you identify your student as a sibling you will be contacted to provide documents to prove that relationship.

Family Link

Family Link is how OneApp tries to keep siblings together when a parent / guardian submits an application for more than one child to attend the same school.

For example: let’s imagine a family that is looking for a new school for their rising first and second graders. The parent lists the same schools on each child’s application, in the same order. The family’s first-choice school only has a seat for the first-grader, but both students can be matched to their second choice together. In this scenario, OneApp would match both to their second-choice school.

Please note that Family Link will only apply to students applying to public schools. If you include nonpublic schools on your application, Family Link will not apply. Family Link does not give you priority to the schools you list on your application.

How Does OneApp Consider Disadvantaged Student Populations?

Louisiana law (R.S. 17:3991) sets forth required enrollment percentages for Economically Disadvantaged students and Students with Disabilities (i.e.: students who have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), other than Gifted & Talented) for charter schools statewide.  The law also requires that, if more students apply than spaces are available, schools operate a lottery that ensures compliance with the law. This requirement is designed to ensure all students have equal access to all public school options in Louisiana, and to cultivate diverse student bodies representative of our student population.

If a school or schools(s) is found to not be meeting the requirement, the schools(s) may be asked to prioritize one or more of these applicant groups in the OneApp lottery by their authorizer. Schools’ priority structures can be found on their individual profiles here. To learn more about LDE’s work supporting special student populations, click here.

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