Common Enrollment

NOLA Public Schools provides students and families with the opportunity to choose a school that best suits their interests and needs through the centralized enrollment process, both through the annual OneApp and the year-round enrollment process.

As early as 2007, families began advocating for unified enrollment that would provide fair access to all schools. In 2011, a common enrollment system was established in response to continued calls for greater accountability and a clear, equitable unified enrollment system. The NOLA Public Schools Enrollment Office (EnrollNOLA), manages admissions, readmissions, and transfers for 92% of New Orleans public schools and 84% of its students.

The unified enrollment process offers students the opportunity to easily access all participating schools using a centralized process. Families who need a school for the current school year are able to enroll immediately into an available seat.  For families seeking a new school for the next school year, they participate in the OneApp.

Within the OneApp, K – 12 Families may now apply to up to 12 participating schools of their choice, anywhere across the city. The application is open to families who are new to New Orleans, new to public school, or who would like to apply to transfer for the upcoming school year. OneApp has adapted over time to include a diverse portfolio of schools with various programming models, governance structures, and admissions criteria. provides detailed information on all publicly-funded Early Childhood Education programs and public K-12 schools so you can make informed, deliberate choices based on what is most important to you and your family. To help narrow down your options, try filtering your school choices by the things that matter to you, such as school performance, neighborhood, and more. You can also “favorite” school profiles to review later. For help getting started, check out our stepbystep guide, FAQs, and learn more about OneApp. 

To learn more about how OneApp works, please click here.

EnrollNOLA is guided by three principles:


Every student should have fair access to every school, so EnrollNOLA policies apply to all students in the same way.


EnrollNOLA procedures are clearly detailed and publicly available to all schools and families.


Families fill out a single application with all of their school preferences, and receive a single best offer to one of their preferred schools.