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How does OneApp work?
How do I submit a OneApp?
What happens after I submit my OneApp?
Early Childhood
Minors applying for Work Permit

How Does OneApp Work?

If I list more school choices, will that decrease my chance of getting into my top choice?
No. The number of choices you list on your application does not affect the likelihood of you getting one of your top choices. We seek to place all families at their highest-ranked school with seats available, based on family preference and each school’s priorities. This way we are able to honor family choice, while families are not penalized for listing more options.

Who decides which school my child is assigned to?
You do! For a student to receive an assignment to a school, the school must be listed on their OneApp. That means that you, the parent / guardian, choose the schools that you want for you child. OneApp assigns applicants to their single best offer. This means that a student’s school assignment is the highest ranked school that had a seat available for them. If you want to better understand how the process works, watch our animation here.

Will my child be assigned to the school ranked #1 on their OneApp?
We cannot guarantee that your child will be assigned to their #1 choice, but we can guarantee that your child was considered fairly for each school listed on his / her application. Some schools are in very high demand and receive more applicants than they can accommodate. When that happens, the system assigns the applicants according to the priority they have for the school and their random lottery number. Every school gives priority to certain applicants, like siblings or applicants who live in the geographic zone. Applicants with priority are considered for placement before applicants without priority. If your child does not receive an assignment to their first choice, it is because there were other applicants who had higher priority or a better lottery number than your child, and the school did not have the ability to accommodate everyone. If you want to better understand how the process works, watch our animation here.

If I get placed at one of my application schools, can I still choose to return to my current school?
If you are placed at any of the choices you list on your application, you will lose the spot you hold at your current school. For that reason, it is very important that you only apply to schools you prefer more than your child’s current school. By submitting an application, you are telling EnrollNOLA that you would rather that your child go to the schools listed on the application, and are willing to give up their current assignment for the opportunity to do so. Note: If you receive a Main Round placement, and you wish to participate in Round 2, your Main Round placement will be considered your current school.

If I submit my application earlier, will I have a greater chance of getting one of my top choices?
No,  there is no advantage to applying early because all applications are processed after the deadline. By processing all applications at once, families who are unable to submit their applications earlier, or families who are using the full application window to go on school visits and do research on their options, are not at a disadvantage. Please note that families interested in attending schools with admissions criteria must submit their applications during the Early Window. The reason Early Window schools have an earlier deadline is to allow school staff the time to determine applicant eligibility, not so families can receive an earlier placement. Early Window applicants are not given an advantage over other applicants to open admissions schools.

If I submit multiple applications, will that increase my likelihood of getting into one of my choices?
No. OneApp is a single-best offer process, which means that all applicants will receive only one offer, regardless of how many applications they submit. Only the most recent application is considered during the matching process. Submitting multiple applications may actually damage your chances of getting what you really want, because the most recent application will overwrite any previously submitted school choices.

Is my child guaranteed a spot at the school where his / her sibling attends?
No. Our team is committed to keeping families together whenever possible. However, sometimes there are not enough seats available at a school to accommodate all applicants. Schools that grant sibling priority will consider applicants with siblings before applicants without, but cannot guarantee that any student will receive a placement.

How Does OneApp Consider Seat Availability?
Every school determines the number of students that they can enroll in each grade based on a variety of factors, including the size of their facility and their instructional program. Sometimes, a school cannot accommodate all of the applicants that want to attend. When that happens, applicants are placed in order of their priority group and lottery number. For more information on what that means, watch the OneApp Video.

How Does OneApp Consider High School Credits?
High school students need to take certain courses and earn certain Carnegie Units in order to be eligible to graduate. Each high school creates a schedule for your child that includes these required courses. Some high schools use a “block” schedule and some use a “7-period schedule.” The type of schedule the high school uses will impact when your child will receive Carnegie Units for completing a course. Transferring between different schedule types, for example, from a “block” schedule to a “7-period schedule,” may impact your child’s credits and his or her ability to graduate on time. Because of this, it is important to find out what type of class schedule your current school follows, and how that schedule compares to your other high school choices, before you submit a OneApp to transfer high schools. You can see which schedule type each high school uses on their individual school profile pages.

How Does OneApp Consider LHSAA Athletics?
Most high schools participating in OneApp offer Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA) athletic programs to eligible enrolled students. If your child is interested in playing competitive sports, or if they are a current athlete, there are some important things to know about transferring or applying through OneApp:

  1. Students who participate in LHSAA athletic programs and who transfer to another school, either through OneApp or through another enrollment procedure, may lose their ability to play sports for up to a full calendar year. Please consider this when electing to transfer your student athlete.
  2. Please also consider any LHSAA attendance zone requirements when ranking your school choices.
  3. Schools may offer non-LHSAA athletics for attending students. Contact your preferred schools to find out more about the special clubs and programs they offer.

To see what LHSAA sports your preferred high schools offer, please visit their individual online profile pages.


How do I submit a OneApp?

Applications for the upcoming school year (2021-2022) are available online only at 

How do I know if I should submit a OneApp?
You should submit a OneApp if you are applying to a New Orleans participating school for the first time, or if you would like to apply to switch to a new school next year. Do NOT submit an application if you are satisfied with your child’s current school and would like for them to return to that school next year. If you submit a OneApp and receive a placement at one of your school choices, your child will lose their seat at their current school.

If your child’s program is an exception to this rule, you will be notified by your school.

Can I apply directly to the school I’m interested in?
No. If your preferred schools participate in the OneApp centralized enrollment process, the only way to enroll in that school is through OneApp. If your preferred school doesn’t participate in OneApp, you should contact them directly to inquire about the application process. You can check each school’s profile to learn more. We encourage you to explore your options by visiting schools, doing research, and asking questions before submitting your application.


What happens after I submit my OneApp?

When will I be notified of my child’s placement?
Application results will be available in the spring. Families will be able to view the results in the online application portal, which you can access at Applicants will be notified by email (through the address listed on the application) as soon as results are available. If your contact information changes between now and when placement results are available, please contact a Family Resource Center to provide up-to-date information.

What happens after I receive my placement?
Once you receive your placement results, you must claim your child’s seat. All families are strongly encouraged to claim their Main Round placement, even if they intend to participate in a later enrollment process. Claiming your Main Round placement will not impact your ability to participate in later enrollment processes.


Early Childhood

My child already has a Head Start or Early Head Start seat. Do I need to submit a OneApp if I want them to return to the same program?
No. If your child will be returning to his or her current Head Start or Early Head Start program next year, you do not need to complete a OneApp. Only students who would like to transfer to another Center, or who will be entering a grade their current Center does not serve, should complete an application. If you’re not sure whether you need to submit a OneApp, ask your child’s teacher. Some exceptions apply; schools will communicate with you directly if you need to apply to stay in the same program.

What early childhood programs are included in OneApp?
Free early childhood seats and tuition-based seats in participating schools and programs, for children ranging from 6 weeks to 4 years old, are included in this application. Free seats include Early Head Start and Head Start programs, for children aged 6 weeks to 4 years old, PK-4 programs in public and non-public schools, as well as a limited number of PK-3 programs in public schools. There are tuition-based PK-4 seats are available at some public schools.

Should I apply for tuition-based seats?
Not all families qualify for free early childhood seats. If you do not qualify and are looking for a PK-4 seat, you can consider applying to a school that has tuition-based seats. You should apply for tuition-based programs if you are willing and able to pay the tuition of your desired programs. If you need a seat for an infant to 3-year-old, but do not qualify for free programs, you can apply directly to private childcare centers. Please contact the school or center directly to inquire about the cost of tuition.

Should I apply for free seats?
You should apply for free early childhood seats if you meet the following requirements:

  • Your child will be between the ages of 6 weeks and 4 years old, on or before September 30, 2021.
  • Your child meets the income requirements for the desired program. For more information on the income requirements, see here.
  • Your child has an Individualized Education Plan, an Individual Family Service Plan or a current Gifted evaluation.

How do I calculate my income?

Please use the table below to calculate your income according to program requirements:

What documents do I need to bring to verify my eligibility? Where do I bring them?

Applicants will receive a secure link to upload their documents when it is time to begin the verification process by email from the enrollment system or from a head start center.

  • Parent photo ID
  • 2 Documents proving Orleans Parish residency
  • Birth certificate for proof of age
  • Proof of income for all members of the household contributing to the household income (not applicable for tuition-based programs)
  • If enrolling in a Gifted & Talented program, proof of current Gifted evaluation

Acceptable Documentation

Proof of guardianship Parent or Guardian’s Photo ID
Proof of age Birth Certificate or Certificate of Live Birth
Proof of residency Two (2) of the following documents are required for proof of residency (no older than 90 days):

  • Current rental lease agreement
  • Homestead Exemption in the parent’s name
  • Electricity/gas bill
  • Sewerage/water bill
  • Telephone bill (landline only)
  • Cable/internet service bill
  • Current official letter from government agency (Department of Social Service, Department of Health & Hospitals, etc.)
Proof of income One of the following documents is required for income verification:

  • SNAP Budget Sheet or Benefits Statement (for PK4 only)
  • Last four consecutive paychecks (if you work at least 40 hrs a week)
  • Letter from employer indicating:
    1. Where you are employed,
    2. Your hourly rate and frequency of pay
    3. Average hours worked a week
  • Most recent Social Security benefits statement
  • Most recent unemployment compensation statement
  • Alimony as shown in court decree or agreement
  • Most recent pension statements


My child has special needs. How do I know if a school can accommodate him or her?
All K-12 New Orleans public schools, and most public early childhood programs, are required to meet your child’s needs as identified on his / her Individualized Education Plan or Individualized Accommodations Plan. We encourage you to reach out to schools and programs directly to ask more about their special education services and staff. You can research your options by viewing school profiles here, and you can also learn more about special education programming here.

All K-12 LEAs are required to serve your child, if they have an exceptionality associated with a disability. Gifted and Talented exceptionalities must be written in the charter for the Louisiana Department of Education to require the school to provide such services. Please email if you have questions or concerns about special education programming.


My child has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and/or Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP). Am I eligible for a publicly-funded early childhood seat?
Yes. Children with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) are eligible for free Pre-K 4 regardless of income. Children with an IEP or IFSP, whose family income is 130% of federal poverty level or lower, are eligible for Early Head Start and Head Start programs.

IMPORTANT: Not all early childhood programs offer special education services. Please contact your preferred program(s) before applying to them to ensure they are able to meet your child’s needs.

How do I apply for Gifted and Talented early childhood seats?
Eligible families can apply to Gifted and Talented seats for 3 and 4 year olds through OneApp. In order to be considered for placement, applicants to Gifted programs must verify their eligibility, as with all other early childhood seats, as well as have a current Gifted and Talented IEP or evaluation approved by OPSB’s Office of Child Search. Verification of eligibility must take place before the application deadline. Evaluations can be scheduled through OPSB’s online appointment request tool at

Applicants must submit a Gifted and Talented Evaluation with their application to G/T programs each year they apply.

If my child is currently on the waitlist for an early childhood program, will he or she continue to be on the waitlist next year?
No. Waitlists for all participating programs will reset each school year. That means that if your child is on the waitlist for an early childhood program this school year and does not receive an offer, he or she will NOT automatically be added to that waitlist next school year. In order to apply for an early childhood program for next school year, you must submit a OneApp and verify your eligibility.

How old does my child have to be in order to submit a OneApp?
Children who are between the ages of 6 weeks and 4 years old on or before September 30, 2021 who meet eligibility requirements for their desired programs should submit an Early Childhood OneApp. Pregnant moms can apply. List the baby’s due date as the birthdate. Once the birthdate is known, please contact a Family Resource Center to update that record. When you fill out your OneApp, your child’s birthdate will be one determining factor in which programs you are eligible to attend.

Can I apply to CCAP through OneApp?
Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) provides financial assistance to low income families that are working or attending school. CCAP programs do not participate in OneApp. If you are interested in applying for a CCAP voucher, check your eligibility here. If you’re eligible, fill out an online application here and be sure to include all of the documents on the CCAP checklist with your application.

Minors (ages 14 – 17) applying for a work permit: Click here for more information.

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