Sibling Priority and Family Link

EnrollNOLA understands that families often want all of their children to attend the same school together. OneApp honors parents’ ability to choose either to send all of their students to school together, or to choose different schools based on each student’s individual interests and needs, in two important ways:

Sibling Priority

If a student applies to a school that their sibling already attends, the student will receive priority in the lottery. For sibling priority to take effect, the sibling must be scheduled to remain enrolled in the school for the coming school year. This means that the sibling of a graduating senior, for example, will not receive sibling priority to their sibling’s school.

Some schools require sibling verification, we will contact you to verify your status, click here to view a list of schools that verify sibling priority and more information on the process.

Family Link

Family Link is how OneApp tries to keep siblings together when a parent / guardian submits an application for more than one child to attend the same school.

For example: let’s imagine a family that is looking for a new school for their rising first and second graders. The parent lists the same schools on each child’s application, in the same order. The family’s first-choice school only has a seat for the first-grader, but both students can be matched to their second choice together. In this scenario, OneApp would match both to their second-choice school.

Please note that Family Link will only apply to students applying to public schools. If you include nonpublic schools on your application, Family Link will not apply. Family Link does not give you priority to the schools you list on your application.


If your child is eligible for sibling priority at one of the schools listed below**, you must verify your child’s sibling status by providing any of the documents listed below.

Your school will provide specifics on how to submit verification documents.

Required Documents:

All applicants receiving sibling priority at a school on the list below must provide:

  • Active government-issued documentation (ie. birth certificate) for the applicant and at least one currently attending student of the school showing the same guardian OR
  • Active government-issued documentation (ie. LA Café Statement) for the applicant and at least one currently attending student of the school showing the same Orleans Parish address OR
  • Recent letter dated within the past 120 days from a governmental agency showing a shared guardian or address (see here for examples)

Is your school NOT listed here? No need to verify: you will automatically receive sibling priority as long your children are linked on your account in the Parent Portal.

Akili Academy
Alice Harte Elementary School
Audubon Charter Uptown and Gentilly
Benjamin Franklin Elementary Mathematics and Science School
Bricolage Academy
CA: Abramson Sci Academy
CA: Livingston Academy
Edna Karr High School
Edward Hynes UNO and UNO French
Eleanor McMain Secondary School
Frederick A. Douglass High School (KIPP Renaissance)
International School of Louisiana Dixon St Campus (French)
International School of Louisiana: Dixon Campus (Spanish)
International School of Louisiana: Olivier Street Campus (Spanish)
James Singleton School
Lycee Francais de la Nouvelle-Orleans (LFNO)
Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary Charter School
Morris Jeff Community School
New Orleans Military and Maritime Academy
New Orleans Science and Math High School (Sci High)
Warren Easton High School