Harriet Tubman Charter School

School address information is accurate as of the 2017-2018 school year.   

Grades K-2 Campus

2832 General Meyer Ave
New Orleans, LA 70114

Phone: 504-227-3800
School Hours: 8:00 AM-3:45 PM
Geographic Area: Westbank
Geographic Zone: 7

Grades 3-8 Campus

2013 General Meyer
New Orleans, LA

School Hours: Contact school for more information
Geographic Area: Contact school for more information
Geographic Zone: Contact school for more information

Grades Served This Year: K - 8th
Grades Served Next Year: K - 8th
First Day: 08/13/2018
Last Day: 05/24/2019


School Leadership

Principal: Julie Lause
Board Chair: Robert Stefani
Charter Organization: Crescent City Schools
Authorizer: OPSB

Mission Statement / Programmatic Model:
Students at Harriet Tubman Charter School build the academic skills, personal values, and intellectual habits of mind to succeed in high school, college, and beyond.

School Performance

Most New Orleans public schools are charter schools, public schools governed by non-profit boards. Each board is given a contract to operate their charter school for a number of years. When the contract is up for renewal, the Orleans Parish School Board or Louisiana Department of Education uses school performance to determine if the contract should be renewed. If the school hasn’t demonstrated acceptable performance, it may close at the end of the school year, or be taken over by a new non-profit board. 

Letter Grade: C
SPS: 65.2
Renewal Year: Winter 2020-2021
School Finder Page: Tubman's School Report Card

This school’s academic performance data and next renewal year as of November 2017 can be found above. For more information on how school performance is measured, click here. For more information on school accountability, click here.


How to apply, who is eligible to attend, and what factors determine which students are assigned. For more info on priorities and how OneApp works, click here.

Application Process: OneApp
Applications Due: 02/22/2019

Harriet Tubman Charter School

Grade(s) K

Eligibility: New Orleans Residents
Priority: (1) Applicants who currently attend PK4 at Tubman @ Clara's Little Lambs, (2) then Siblings, (3) then Applicants who reside in zip codes 70114, 70131, for up to 50% of available seats, (4) then All other applicants

Grade(s) 1-8

Eligibility: New Orleans Residents
Priority: (1) Siblings, (2) then Applicants who reside in zip codes 70114, 70131, for up to 50% of available seats, (3) then All other applicants

School Features

Highlighted program offerings, transportation details, and other provided services.

Transportation: Yes
Before Care: No
After Care: No
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

Features & Programs:
College-prep, montessori (K-2)

Jumpstart Pathways:
Jumpstart is only offered for programs with grades 9-12

Team Sports / After School Activities:
Club Sports: basketball, football, outdoor track & field, soccer, volleyball

Language Support:
Interpretation Available: full-time in Spanish, remotely in Vietnamese, remotely in French, remotely in Mandarin Chinese, remotely in Afrikaans, remotely in Bengali, remotely in Haitian-Creole, remotely in Korean, remotely in Portuguese | Translation Available: routinely in Spanish, upon request in Vietnamese, upon request in French, upon request in Mandarin Chinese, upon request in Afrikaans, upon request in Bengali, upon request in Haitian-Creole, upon request in Korean, upon request in Portuguese

Student Support Services:
Community Partnerships, Dental Services, Gifted And Talented Services, Group Counseling, Occupational Therapy, Restorative Counseling and Approaches

Special Education Model:
Services developed to meet individual needs, using inclusion, self-contained classrooms, and resource rooms, services include speech, occupational, and physical therapy, and counseling