Open Enrollment

Early Childhood Open Enrollment will be virtual in 2020.

Open Enrollment is the late enrollment process for Early Childhood families (6 weeks – 4 years old) who are new to the city, new to public schools, or wish to transfer to a new school for the 2020-21 school year. Open Enrollment process will be virtual this summer. 



Parents, please follow the steps below to participate in Early Childhood Open Enrollment:

Step One:

  • Complete the Open Enrollment sign up form from a phone or a computer

Step Two:

  • In early July, you will receive a follow-up email with instructions on how to complete an eligibility check during the Open Enrollment period.

Step Three:

  • Once you’ve completed the eligibility check and added choices, we will email you about next steps to verify your eligibility.
  • Once verified, you’ll have the chance to select from available open programs or add your child to the waitlists for programs you are interested in.

Q & A

  • What if I have problems accessing or using the Open Enrollment Form?
    • With access issues, call (877) 343-4773 or email and a representative will support you in collecting your documents so you can participate in Late Enrollment along with other families.
    • If you have trouble with the form, call (877) 343-4773 or email and a representative will support you.
  • What if my phone number changes after submitting the form?
  • What if I miss the call I receive?
    • If you miss our call, don’t worry.  We’ll try you back later the same day, or the following day. We’ll attempt to reach you 5 times.
  • What if I’m not the custodial parent?
    • A non-custodial parent affidavit will be requested.