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Early Childhood 

Sept 21, 7 AM – Seat availability for Infant – PK4


  • We are currently serving PK4, in addition to grades K-12, at Family Resource Centers. Most Head Start centers will not reopen until August. For more information about enrolling for Head Start, click here.
  • Early Childhood families must check their eligibility at OneApp.force.com before enrolling. See info listed below.
  • Early Childhood families must provide the following to receive a placement at Late Enrollment:
    • Parent I.D.
    • 2 Proofs of residency (utility bill, rental lease agreement / mortgage, property tax notice, etc.)
    • Student birth certificate
    • Proof of income (last 4 check stubs)

For a detailed list of documents required for Early Childhood, click here.


How to pre-check eligibility
Seat Availability
Helpful Resources


How to pre-check my eligibility

Before enrolling in an Early Childhood program, you must complete the eligibility check online at OneApp.Force.com.

  1. Log-in to oneapp.force.com
  2. Click “PK4 and Head Start Eligibility Check” in the top right corner
  3. Next, click “Check Eligibility” next to your child’s name and answer the questions that follow. If your child is not listed, click “Add Student to My Family.”
  4. When you reach the end of the eligibility process (Section D), click “Finish Eligibility Check.”


Please note that there are several income requirements to receive FREE Early Childhood seats. See income guidelines for Inf – 4 yr olds here.


Seat Availability (see top of page)

In order to help families better plan their visit to Late Enrollment, we’ll be offering a snapshot of seat availability at the start of each weekday throughout Late Enrollment. Current seat availability in all schools, by grade group, will be posted here beginning early July.

Availability is based on student enrollment as of the time at which it is posted, is temporary, and is subject to change. There is no guarantee that the seat availability indicated in this report will be accurate upon your arrival at Late Enrollment. Check for your child’s grade specifically; if a school has availability in one grade, that does NOT necessarily indicate availability in other grades. Students are enrolled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please note that Late Enrollment is for public schools that participate in the OneApp process. Non-public schools and non-participating schools (Ben Franklin High, Lusher, Lake Forest, and NOCCA) should be contacted directly regarding seat availability and admissions processes.

How to Use the Report

“Limited Availability” indicates that fewer than 10 seats were available in the stated grade as of the time at which it is posted. “Availability” indicates that 10 or more seats were available. Please check carefully to make sure you are viewing your child’s correct grade in the report, as availability in one grade does NOT indicate that there is availability in other grades.

How Does Seat Availability Work?

During the summer enrollment season, seats are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Each school determines the maximum number of students that they can accommodate in each grade, based on factors such as the number of classrooms in the building and their staffing model. We only assign students up to this maximum.

When a school has available seats, it is because they have not yet been assigned the total number of students they can accommodate. When our staff indicates that a school, or a particular grade in a school, is “full,” that means the school has reached the maximum number of students it can serve.

How Does Seat Availability Change So Quickly?

As we meet with families and make placements, the seat availability at individual schools will change. When a school has few seats available in a particular grade, it can be possible that seats available in the morning are no longer available in the afternoon. What determines this is parent preference: when parents come to the Family Resource Center seeking those seats, we will enroll their children there. The opposite is also true—it can be possible that seats that weren’t available in the morning will be available in the afternoon. That can happen when we transfer students from one school to another.

Let’s walk through an example:

8 AM:  Alligator School has 2 seats available in kindergarten when the Report is released at 7 AM and it is a popular school.

8:30 AM:  The doors open.

8:30 – 9:30 AM:  10 families come in and meet with a school choice advisor. One of the 10 families chooses Alligator School for their Kindergartener. Alligator School now has 1 remaining kindergarten seat open.

9:30 – 10:30 AM:  15 more families come in and another family chooses Alligator School for their kindergartener. There are no more seats available in kindergarten at Alligator School.

11:00 AM:  A family arrives that is interested in enrolling their kindergartener at Alligator School. The School Choice Advisor lets them know that Alligator School does not have any kindergarten seats available at the time. The School Choice Advisor will tell the family which schools have kindergarten seats available and the family selects an alternate choice.

Sometimes, seat availability is more stable than the example listed above. Sometimes, available seats are assigned even more quickly than this example. We encourage all families to keep this in mind as they plan their visit.


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