On days when there is a high volume of families waiting, we may stop adding new families to the line to ensure reasonable wait times. We will update our website with changes to service.

Early Childhood Open Enrollment

Early Childhood applicants will not participate in Round 2. To enroll in school for the 2018 – 2019 School Year, please participate in Open Enrollment through June 27 at Family Resource Centers!


How to pre-check my eligibility

Before participating in Open Enrollment, you must complete the eligibility check online at

  1. Log-in to
  2. Click “PK4 and Head Start Eligibility Check” in the top right corner
  3. Next, click “Check Eligibility” next to your child’s name and answer the questions that follow. If your child is not listed, click “Add Student to My Family.”
  4. When you reach the end of the eligibility process (Section D), click “Finish Eligibility Check.”


Please note that there are several income requirements to receive FREE Early Childhood seats. See income guidelines for Inf – 4 yr olds here.


Seat Availability and Waitlists

Inf – 2 yr olds

There are NO OPEN SEATS for Inf – 2 yr olds. If you are interested in being added to waitlists, please visit one of the Head Start eligibility centers here.

PK3 – PK4

If you are interested in your child receiving a placement for your PK3 or PK4 child next school year, here are some important things to check-off before you visit an FRC or Head Start Eligibility Center:

  1. Pre-check your eligibility! See how in the section above.
  2. Make sure you have ALL of your required documents. We will not be able to serve you without these documents. See list of required documents here.
  3. Check seat availability! (Seat Availability (6/14)

If you have already been added to waitlists, you DO NOT need to participate in Open Enrollment. We will contact you when a seat becomes available! Reminder: Inf – 2 yr old programs are waitlists ONLY.


Helpful Resources