OneApp Priorities and Eligibility

Once you have applied to the OneApp, some families may have additional steps to receive priority enrollment or verify eligibility for some programs.  Applicants will receive communications from the district or the school regarding completing their application.

Priority enrollment may be granted for several groups:

  • Siblings: Some schools verify sibling priority.
  • Geography: Applicants to Hynes Lakeview living in 70124 must verify their geographic priority.
  • Economically Disadvantaged: Some schools provide a priority to students who meet the definition of economically disadvantaged as determined by the state of Louisiana
  • Prior School: Applicants who have previously attended certain types of schools may receive a priority to attend similar school programs (French and Montessori programs at Audubon’s Uptown programs)
  • Military: Applicants to New Orleans Military and Maritime Academy who are Children of Military should contact the school to verify their eligibility.
  • Children of School Staff: Applicants to early childhood programs that offer child of staff priority who are eligible for this priority should contact their employer to verify their eligibility.
  • Corporate Partnerships: Children of UNO staff may receive a priority to attend Edward Hynes Charter School – UNO Campus.  Contact the school for more information on verifying this priority.

Some schools have eligibility requirements that must be verified: